(n.) buying books and not reading them; letting books pile up unread on shelves or floors or nightstands

pronunciation | tsUn-dO-kU (tsoon-doh-koo)
Japanese script | 積ん読 kanji, つんどく hiragana


So there’s a Japanese word that perfectly describes my home, which is actually a book midden for me and my bibliophilic family.

According to Reddit, the term dates back to the Japanese Meiji era (1868-1912) and literally means ‘reading pile’. Formed from the expression ‘tsunde oku’ (to let something pile up), in which ‘oku’ was swapped out for ‘doku’ (to read); the words then got cleverly mushed together.

I also have a collection of hoarded and unread eBooks gathering electronic dust in my eBook reader. I wonder if there’s an equivalent word for that. E-tsundoku? While contemplating on this, I should just head over to the Amazon Kindle Daily Deals. Maybe I’ll see something I’ll like. I’ll just keep the credit card handy. Just in case…

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