This play by Shakespeare would make for a great Doctor Who Episode.

Winter's Tale Act II Scene III
An illustration by John Opie, engraved by Jean Pierre Simon, for Act II, Scene III of Shakespeare’s [The] Winter’s Tale
Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale should be performed as a Doctor Who episode for the following reasons:

  • It would not be the first time that the famous Bard of Avon crosses paths with the time traveler. In “The Shakespeare Code”, the second episode of the third series of Doctor Who, Shakespeare met The Doctor in 1599 while writing the play Love’s Labour’s Won, sequel to Love’s Labour’s Lost





  • The statue in Act V Scene III could be one of The Weeping Angels from the Doctor Who episode “Blink”, instead of Hermione’s. Imagine Leontes’ reaction once he finds out who he’s staring at!





  • The famous Shakespearean stage direction Exit, pursued by a bear was meant to 

exit-pursued-by-a-bearconvey an impending sense of tragedy, particularly for Antigonus. It would be a bit more fun, instead, to see the Doctor, seemingly running from, but actually outwitting, a bear. Might not even be a bear; could even be The Beast from The Satan Pit episode. 



Which Shakespeare play would you nominate for a Doctor Who retelling?


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