What Stephen King said about the book he reviewed is truly ASTOUNDING!

Stephen KingAcclaimed horror and mystery author Stephen King wrote a review of Paul Theroux’s latest novel “Mother Land“. The review appeared in the book review section of the New York times website on May 9, 2017.

Although Paul Theroux is more popularly known as a travel writer, his latest work led the celebrity reviewer to consider the fine line between humor and horror, and saw it fitting to be reviewed by the best-selling author of horror, mystery and suspense novels. Often the subject of numerous reviews himself, King admitted that he had always meant to getting around to reading the works of the prolific writer, and that he knew next to nothing about the author’s life. When he finally finished reading the “long slog”, what he said next about the author and his book will truly astound you!

Ever the author of horror fiction, King cannot help but open his review with an ear-biting incident involving a man condemned to be hanged, and the convict’s mother. The reviewer then smoothly segues into his critique and goes on to say that he is not exactly sorry for finally reading Theroux. In fact, he said he was gobsmacked. In the end, King enjoyed Mother Land “against his will.”

Read the full review here.

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