Superhero Dog Costumes for Halloween

dog costumesHalloween is still more than a few weeks away and already people are starting to go online for costume ideas. According to the annual Halloween survey of the National Retail Federation,  more than 179 million Americans plan to join in this year’s Halloween festivities. Nearly seven in ten celebrants, including pet lovers, plan to spend their budget on costumes. And superhero dog costumes continue to be popular among dog lovers.

Dog Fashion

Dog dressed up, Eskilstuna, Sweden
The popular practice of people dressing up their dogs, particularly small dogs, is not a modern phenomenon. There is evidence that people in ancient Egypt used decorative collars to adorn their dogs.

These days, it is common for dog lovers to dress up their canine companions. This trend has expanded due to increased consumer capitalism.


Four-leaf clover dog costume

Pet owners fashion dog clothing for their darling dogs. Dog clothes may range in price from inexpensive to high-end designer styles. Toy and small breed dogs typically wear dog clothes. This is because they are easier to handle. Cold weather also easily affects them because their coats are not as thick as bigger breeds. Dog clothes can either be functional or just for show. Pooches wear functional dog clothes to protect them from the elements and allergens. Dog clothes that are purely for show are used as costumes for holidays and special occasions such as Halloween or weddings.

Superhero Dog Costumes

Many people, pet owners included, think that the joy of Halloween should extend beyond human beings. Thus, the rapidly growing industry that is Pet Costumes. A quick search for ‘superhero dog costumes‘ on Amazon will reveal a thriving niche of costumes made especially for dogs. Whether it’s a Wonder Woman costume or a Batgirl Tutu Child Costume with Robin Pet Costume Bundle Set, these things start out bizarre and just keep getting weirder. There’s even a Mighty Dog of Thunder costume. For sure, there is a ridiculous and funny dog Halloween costume of every craze for man’s best friend.

Here’s a short video that shares useful tips when shopping for a Halloween costume for a dog.

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