Four Cool Facts About Cats’ Eyes

Cats’ eyes are cool

Cats are cool. This is the reason why they are the Internet’s favorite subject. And when we begin to understand how our feline friends see the world around them, their coolness level will surely shoot up the charts. Read on for some fun facts about cats’ eyes.

1. Cats can see better than humans in the dark

cat-778315_1920Although cats are unable to see in complete darkness, they can see at up to eight times dimmer illumination than humans can. This is possible because cats’ eyes have three features that enhance their night vision.

Pupils of cats’ eyes are elliptical and are arranged vertically. This elliptical shape allows cats’ eyes to open much wider than a human’s round pupil. The vertical pupil also lets in more light and enhances a cat’s vision in low light.

Cats also have the tapetum lucidum. This is a layer of tissue at the back of their eyes that reflects light within the eye and allows more light to reach the retina.The reflection of light off the tapetum lucidum is also what makes cats’ eyes shine in the dark.

The cat’s retina contains more rods than a human’s. Rods are the eyes’ components that are more effective at absorbing light.

The pupil’s size and shape, the tapetum lucidum, and the numerous rods all work together to allow a cat to see much more clearly in the dark than a human can.

2. Cats are not color blind, but their color vision is limited

201800005215_4eCones are the eyes’ components that are responsible for absorbing color. Cats have much fewer cones than humans do. And the ones they do have aren’t as concentrated as they are in humans. Because of this, cats can perceive blues and yellows fairly well. However, they are confused with colors that are in the red, green and brown continuum. Cats also generally see color in much less intense hues than we do.

3. Cats see less detail than we do

Cats have much more rods and fewer cones than we do. Because of this, cats do not perceive such details as leaves on a tree or writings on a book the way that we do. However, many researchers believe that cats are farsighted. They observed that a cat’s lens doesn’t change shape to compensate for focusing closeup. Cats also see best at a distance of two or three feet.

4. Cats are not easily blinded by changes in light levels

cat scratchpostAs mentioned above, pupils of cats’ eyes are shaped like vertical slits. This shape allows the pupil to change its size much faster than the round pupils of humans. This means that cats are less likely to get blinded by sudden changes in light levels than we are.

What fascinates you most about your cat’s eyes? Tell us in the comments!

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