Welcome to Oddity. Where normal is odd and odd is normal.

Everyone should visit Oddity, New Mexico, where weird is normal, and otherworldly creatures engage in feudal warfare. Or if one doesn’t mind facing down zombie rabbits, alien mobs, and carnivorous dumpsters, he might even consider relocating there. The only patina of normalcy the town can offer is Greeley’s Sweepstakes, a contest where winning is promoted as the best thing ever. But this thin layer of respectability is swept away when Pearl, the latest winner of the Sweepstakes goes missing. Ada, her tough and not-so-saintly  eleven-year-old twin-sister starts looking for her. What she uncovers not only reveals that Pearl is in grave danger but threatens the very foundation of the town.

Oddity is a recently-released children’s book for the 4 to 8 years old age range. The book was written by Sarah Cannon, who holds a BS in Education. It is included in The Best New Children’s Books of the Month roundup in the Best Books Buy Now website.

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