3 of the Best Anxiety Relief Toys

Anxiety Relief Toys

Here are some of the best anxiety relief toys that will help children address their own anxiety.

Anxiety is a normal part of childhood. And every child goes through this temporary and usually harmless phase. With steadfast support and the right tools, a child can learn how to successfully manage his anxiety. Anxiety relief toys are not only used to entertain a child. They are also invaluable tools for helping an anxious child manage his own anxiety. The following is just a short list of anxiety relief toys readily available in the market. All of the toys mentioned below can be ordered online from Amazon and other online stores.

Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light

This cute soft toy is the perfect bedtime pal for anxious sleepers. Bedrooms and nurseries instantly become starry sanctuaries that comfort and calm children. Its glowing shell projects a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceilings of your child’s bedroom. This is one of the more popular anxiety relief toys used to ease children’s fear of the dark. It has a 45-minute timer to ensure that there is complete darkness during child’s deep sleep.

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Haywire Group Worry Eaters

A Worry Eater is a little plush toy with big eyes, striped body and a zipper mouth. It comes in eight different personalities. They have names like Polli, Flamm, twins Bill and Betti, and popular Pomm. Each character has a hang tag that encourages children to write down or draw their worries on a piece of paper and put it into the plush toy’s zippered mouth. The worry eater will then hold on to that worry for them so they can get a good night’s sleep. In the morning, they may find with a little shock and wonder that their worries don’t look so big after all! In time, the children may become agile at describing their worries. This one of a few anxiety relief toys that even adults can enjoy.

Haywire Group Worry Eaters - anxiety relief toys
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The Irish Fairy Door Company – Interactive Worry Plaque

The Interactive Worry Plaque is one of the more remarkable anxiety relief toys. It takes a child’s worries and gives it to the fairies. The plaque glows red when a child places his hand on it and thinks of his worry. When the fairies have heard the worry, the plaque glows green, a sign that the worry has transferred to the fairies successfully. In the blink of an eye, the Worry Plaque transfers the child’s worry to the fairies.

The Interactive Worry Plaque also includes access to a website. This website hosts a collection of videos featuring Fairy Clodagh. The human fairy invites children to select the kind of worry that they have given away through the Interactive Plaque, and she reassures them that the worry has been heard and all is well! She even reassures them that there is no loophole in the process.

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