How To Use Worry Dolls

How To Use Worry Dolls

Guatemalan Worry dolls - How to use worry dolls

What is a Worry Doll?

Worry dolls are small, mostly hand-crafted dolls that are originally from the highlands of Guatemala. They are sometimes called Guatemalan worry dolls or trouble dolls. They date back to Mayan culture and tradition.

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Perfect Gift Idea to Start the New Year

Perfect Gift Idea to Start the New Year

Perfect Last Minute Gift Idea

Here is a collection of the best magazine one-year subscriptions you can order for $5 on Amazon! This is such a perfect gift idea that will be cherished all throughout the whole year.

But I have to confess that there is a catch to this insane deal. The catch is, they arrive a little after the month, so they are technically back issues. But at $5 for 12 issues, I’m sure no one would mind. Note: the $5 price may change without prior notice. So hurry! before Amazon changes its mind.

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How to Go Freeballing

How to Go Freeballing


TIL. Freeballing is the practice of not wearing any underwear under one’s clothes. It is also known as “going commando”. Although practiced by both men and women, the term is often applied to men. It is so called because the balls hang free and unencumbered. This practice supposedly started with some soliders in commando or other special forces military units, to prevent chafing.

Certain types of clothes such as kilts, and men’s sarongs are designed to be worn or are traditionally worn without underwear. But most freeballers do so with any type of pants or shorts.

Whether feeling compassionate towards your genitals, or simply reckless, you should try it! If you can relate to the desire to escape the feeling of something restraining your genitals, read on!

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